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Is rhea lana worth it

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My first choice when getting and giving youngsters garments is to do clothes swaps. But Rhea Lana is an excellent various and never everybody seems to be as into swaps as I am so they’re actually valuable!

Before the sale, you’ll need to log into the location and check in to be a consignor. At that time, you’ll pay a $10 non-refundable consignor fee. This is an excellent low price to be put in entrance of lots of customers who’re able to offer you their money!

Definitely watch my video once you would like to see step via step how I do everything. If you’d slightly learn then keep on with along!

1. Choosing the gadgets you would like to sell

The first step is to make a decision which gadgets you want to sell. You can test your native consignment sale web page for particulars on every part they are going to settle for for resale. Here are some fantastic issues (other than clothes) to sell.

Other issues that promote effectively are

Remember that the sale is barely for a season. If it’s the spring/summer sale, they won’t settle for fall/winter clothes and vice versa.

2. Getting Items Ready to Sell

Grouping Your Items

The biggest option to promote garments at a youth consignment occasion is to group them. Toys are one other factor that promote higher in groups. I simply received a big ziploc crammed with automobiles for Kai and it become a no brainer that many automobiles for that value.

Some consignment gross sales may have a minimal greenback worth per item. If you would like to promote used situation shirt for $1 and they’re minimal is $2, you’ll have to group a number of shirts collectively to promote as a lot.

Inspecting Your Clothes

You have to be positive they’re in sensible used situation or better. If you don’t do job analyzing upfront, you’ll convey again lots of garments that weren’t accepted into the sale. Then you’re simply doing the work to them able to promote for nothing.

Some widespread issues to seem for when inspecting:

Again, you’ll be able to examine your native consignment sale’s online page for full particulars on how they examine the items.

Prepare them For Selling

Prepare your gadgets for selling. If you’re promoting clothes, you may be positive they’re wrinkle unfastened and on the hanger with the required garments pins to make certain they don’t fall off the hanger.

If you’re grouping lots of automobiles together, go forward and put them in a ziploc bag. This can assist you whenever you go to cost the gadgets becuase they’re already organized.

Many consignment gross sales are very specific about the way you prep gadgets for sale. They will need the puzzle items taped onto the picket puzzle board. They will need the hanger dealing with the identical way, etc. Make positive you keep on with the principles or they’ll flip down your item.

If they flip down your merchandise as a result of it’s not ready correctly, they’ll allow you to repair it on the spot. If they’re turning down an merchandise as a result of it’s too worn out, then you’ll simply must take it again with you.

Common Supplies Needed to Sell


You will have to have hangers to hold all the clothes. You can save hangers from whenever you buy issues as consignment gross sales and reuse them for once you promote items.

All your garments needs to be on plastic hangers they usually needs to be youth measurement as much as measurement 10. I received 18 children hanger for $2 at target.

Masking Tape

You can use overlaying tape to place your consignor # inner every bit of clothes and on every item. This is simply as a precaution simply in case your tag falls off. The staff might have the ability to inform who the article belongs to.

Shipping Tape

This might be used to tape puzzle gadgets onto the picket board, tape the tag onto toys or luggage to resell, and more.

Medium Sized Safety Pins (or Larger)

You may must use security pins to group garments gadgets together, be positive the clothes items keep on the hanger, and to pin the worth tag onto the entrance of the clothes.

Cardstock Paper

This is what you’ll use to create your value tags. They could be constructed from the consignment sale online page and revealed out. You simply lower them out and security pin or tape them onot your items.


You can use rubberband to group the garments within the identical measurement togheter. You’ll simply put all the hangers collectively and put a rubberband on the highest a element of the hanger.

Ziploc Bags

You will use these to group a gaggle of small items to gether to promote as a lot. Examples: cars, socks, etc.

3. Uploading Items to the Website

The subsequent step is to add your itmes to the website. You will do that so you’ll have the ability t print out your value tags, preserve tune of your stock and cash you’re owed.

When you add an merchandise to the database, you’ll have to enter

Once you’ve the whole lot uploaded you’re going to shut out your batch and choose my donation choice.

By donating every thing when I drop the garments off I can drop and go, they’ll put the whole lot out for me. If I needed something again I would do a standard drop off meaning I’d have to be current for the standard examine then you definately place your gadgets on the gross sales flooring so that you’ll be able to get them again after the sale they are saying it takes a few half-hour or 50 items.

Pricing Your Items

When you’re pricing your items, you would like to cost them to promote (unless you would like to take all these garments again dwelling with you). The individuals buying at consignment gross sales are prepared to pay the Facebook Marketplace price. Here are some widespread pricing solutions for the Rhea Lana sale.

4. Drop Off at Consignment

The subsequent step is to drop off the gadgets at consignment. You’ve made it ot the end line!! They may have a selected date and time so that you can drop off the items. You will must plan on being there a minimum of half-hour or more.

You’ll have to face in line and look ahead to the inspection. They’ll examine the gadgets in entrance of you and allow you to know if there are any issues together with your stuff. If they’ve an issue that you simply can fix, they’ll allow you to repair it on the spot. If not, you’ll must take your merchandise again with you.

Rhea lana consignment

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Mount Prospect, IL , IL

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Rhea lana franchise owner salary

Let this article help you understand rhea lana franchise owner salary. Give yourself a chance to get to know yourself better. Let the answer to the question is rhea lana worth it make you realize how beautiful and peaceful this life is.

Options accessible to franchisees:

Financing:Not Available
Veteran Discount:Yes, Discount off of the Franchise Fee
SBA Approved:Not Available

At Rhea Lana’s® not solely can we work flat out together, however we have got enjoyable and stay life together. We are enthusiastic about what this new yr holds for us! We are presently in 25 states and continuously expanding. With Small Market Territories and Large Market Territories out there for application, we’re ACTIVELY purchasing for franchisees!

In 2008, we expanded our footprint within the shape of Rhea Lana’s® Franchise Systems, Inc. by compiling our know-how and providing it in a complete package. Through the years we have got continued to develop and may be present in ninety diverse places nationwide. Rhea Lana’s has been named one in all the quickest creating franchise company, as named by means of Franchise Gator.

Franchise Gator named Rhea Lana’s amongst the many Top 50 Fastest Growing Franchises in 2016. Rhea Lana’s has been acknowledged as a Top Retailer and Franchise Business via FBR the previous 5 years. Rhea Lana Riner became personally commemorated with a Silver Trophy for Maverick of the Year on the 2013 Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Multiple Rhea Lana Franchises have been ranked as National Top 10 Consignment Event Sales via Consignment Mommies. The enterprise has been featured via Fox Business, Fox News, USA Today, Bloomberg Business, WINC, Arkansas Times and different native and nationwide publications. In the 2011 document from Franchise Business Review on Child Service Related Franchises, Rhea Lana’s Children’s Consignment, Inc. ranked within the Top 10 nationally. Rhea Lana’s become additionally ranked in Inc. Magazine’s 5000 checklist of quickest creating privately held businesses in 2011.


Rhea Lana’s® has acquired the subsequent awards and acknowledgements:

Franchise Gator Top one hundred (2016, 2017, 2018); Franchise Gator Fastest Growing (2016, 2017)


Rhea Lana’s® is at the moment accepting inquiries from the subsequent states:

Interested events must have at the least $8,000 in liquid capital to invest.

With all the information shared above, we hope that it will help you answer the question is rhea lana worth it that you are wondering. Thank you for following our article. Remember to follow our page for regular updates on other answers!

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